Our Time To Shine

This is a fanart tribute to the pinoy komiks local scene and to their OC’s.

FANART-Lakan at Makisig

The Dad from Lakan at Makisig Webcomics by Giosdesk. The creator is a significant part in my indie comic life.


Likeman by Rasel Reyes

FANART-Mono Kuro

Rabbit from Mono Kuro By Cy Vendivil

FANART-Panda Within

Panda from The Panda Within Webcomics By Kai Castillio

FANART-Strange Natives_Boy with Capiz Eyes

Strange Natives: The Boy with the Capiz Eyes by Paolo Herras and Carlorozy Clemente


“I don’t need eyes to see” – Visdei, Mark 9verse47 by Maika Ezawa & Tepai Pascual

Kapitan Tog

“Kapitan Tog” from Freely Abrigo‘s Kapitan Tog: Superherong Laging Nauuntog

"Baboy" from Mel Casipit's Baboy

“Baboy” from Mel Casipit‘s Baboy

"Puso" from Jp Palabons's Puso Negro

“Puso” from Jp Palabons’s Puso Negro